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Kokki Dark Red

Sale price$75.60 SGD

Kokki Dark Red, a mesmerizing Junmai Daiginjo sake, exemplifies the artistry and skill behind this elite category. Painstakingly polished rice grains to 50% are essential for its sophisticated flavor profile. Slow, low-temperature fermentation fosters harmonious flavor development, imbuing depth and complexity. Kokki Dark Red's flawless sweet and acidic balance with Lychee and Muscat scents captivates the senses, showcasing the brewers' expertise in Junmai Daiginjo craftsmanship. The exceptional quality of this sake embodies the brand's dedication to refining the art of sake brewing, providing a truly extraordinary experience for discerning enthusiasts.

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Kokki Dark Red | Japanese Sake
Kokki Dark Red Sale price$75.60 SGD

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