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Kuheiji Camargue ni Umarete

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Brewed from Yamadanishiki rice that is grown in the French Camargue region, Kuheiji Camargue ni Umarete is the epitome of Junmai Daiginjo mastery. Using rice polished to 35%, it undergoes precise fermentation to ensure that every sip delivers a savoury and nuanced flavour that defines Junmai Daiginjo. As a result, the Kuheiji Camargue ni Umarete prides a remarkable medley of salted caramel notes with earthy fragrances of cereal, dry straw and grape, true to the Junmai Daiginjo art. For the ultimate sensory enjoyment, Kuheiji Camargue ni Umarete promises the best of Junmai Daiginjo style brewery for all sake lovers.

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