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Malora Yamagata Masamune

Sale price$117.60 SGD

Dive into the intricate artistry of Koshu style Sake with Malora Yamagata Masamune, a testament to refined Mitobe brewing traditions. This Koshu Sake showcases an impressive profile, achieved through extended aging, which amplifies its depth and character. Each sip of Malora Yamagata Masamune offers a sensory journey, revealing layers of complex aromas and flavors. The symphony of sweet and sour notes along with aromas of banana and melon are essential in creating an exceptional Koshu sake. The clean and crisp finish is a perfect showcase of the artistry and technical precision that goes into producing this exquisite beverage.

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Malora Yamagata Masamune | Japanese Sake
Malora Yamagata Masamune Sale price$117.60 SGD

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