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Tamagawa Ice Breaker

Sale price$40.60 SGD

The Tamagawa Ice Breaker is a true testament to the ingenuity and precision of Junmai Ginjo sake production. Ice Breaker, in its adherence to the Junmai Ginjo style, is crafted with rice polished to a stunning 55%, elevating its flavor profile to a striking level of refinement. A distinguished deep flavour with hints of spice and melon are what separates this sake from its peers, accentuated by balanced acidic notes and a firm, clean finish. This Junmai Ginjo, chilled as its name suggests, offers a crisp, refreshing experience, embodied by Tamagawa Ice Breaker.

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Tamagawa Ice Breaker | Japanese Sake
Tamagawa Ice Breaker Sale price$40.60 SGD

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